Monitors Acer Predator Z271T, XB251HQT Predator and Predator XB271HUT got the technology of tracking the eye movement Tobii

Among the new products that Acer brought to IFA 2016, are gaming monitors. In total, there were three devices: Z271T Predator, Predator and Predator XB251HQT XB271HUT.

A characteristic feature of all the new technology of motion tracking the eye Tobii. Together with brand ON this, according to Acer, it may be useful to the gamers during the game.

The monitors will be available in October. Apparently, then will publish a detailed specification. What is known is that the Predator Z271T is equipped with a curved display with a diagonal of 27 inches with Full HD resolution. Predator model XB251HQT features a Full HD panel with a diagonal of 24.5 inches, and Predator XB271HUT got a 27-inch screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

All monitors that support the technology Nvidia G-Sync, but the maximum frequency is different. In the above order they be 144, 240 and 165 Hz, respectively. As for the cost, yet Acer announced its only for models Predator Z271T (800 euros) and Predator XB271HUT (900 euros).



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