Monitor AOC P2779VC equipped with a wireless charger Qi

The range of AOC appeared the 27-inch monitor with built-in wireless charger Qi. As in other similar models, and to charge you want to put the smartphone on a wide top cover of the display stand.

Display AOC P2779VC based on the matrix of PLS with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, supporting 8-bit color performance. Attention thin frame of the screen, the manufacturer claims a wide viewing angle, reaching 178 degrees. Brightness reaches 300 CD/m2, switching between shades of gray is 5 MS. Matte matrix coating designed to combat glare.

In the communications plan AOC P2779VC is modest: there are two 1.3 HDMI input and one VGA, along with a headphone Jack. The input switching and other operations are carried out in an intuitive graphical menu. The monitor’s power consumption will not exceed 23.5 W. The recommended price of new items is $250.



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