Moia is a new company of the Volkswagen Group which will be engaged in services of transportation of passengers around the world

Volkswagen Group announced the creation of a new brand — Moia. Moia will be independent of the companies included while in the Volkswagen Group.

It’s not the automaker. The main objective of Moia is to develop services for the carriage of passengers. In the example it would be possible to bring Uber and similar companies, but the specifics of Moia will be somewhat different. At least in the framework of the services will use the Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicles, not private cars. And this in turn means permanent employees as drivers.

But the fact that Moia will solve the issues of transportation of passengers. And if at the initial stage this will be used for the existing models of the Volkswagen Group, in the future, especially for the new company will develop unique electric vehicles. Mostly they are focused on the transportation of several passengers and the service will seek to partly replace public transport. Among other things, this involves close cooperation with Moia service Gett, in which the Volkswagen Group has invested 300 million dollars. For example, if someone’s order cannot be combined with other and it would mean transport only one passenger, the service will give Moia ordering service Gettaxi.

Another interesting feature is that Moia in some cases, will collaborate with the municipal services of a city. Due to this, the city will be able to solve their transport problems. For example, to unload some excessively tight route or liquidate unprofitable, giving it at the mercy of Moia. Moia promises a fare on public transport. At the moment, the company is already in talks with many European cities. But first and foremost the service will be launched in Berlin and Hamburg.

Overall, the Volkswagen Group has set itself the goal of becoming the leader of the stipulated market by 2025.



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