Modules Team Group T-Force Xtreem Special Edition available only DDR4-4133

The photographs shown memory modules T-Force Xtreem and T-Force Xtreem Special Edition brought to the exhibition Computex 2017, the company Team Group.

Modules Team Group Xtreem they have in common orientation for use in high-performance and availability of aluminum radiators. The radiators are quite large, but modestly furnished.

In the case of modules Special Edition on a decorative black insert can be detected by a signature. According to the source, is the signature of the engineer, «otsortirovyvaya and optimizirovat» module.

The modules are available with 8 GB. They are available in sets of two, and in the future should appear and sets of four modules. The range of T-Force Xtreem includes modules DDR4-3466, DDR4-3600, DDR4-3733, DDR4-3866 and DDR4-4000. Modules T-Force Xtreem Special Edition available only DDR4-4133.

Source: Techpowerup


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