Module Z Mod Ultimate Moto smartphones Moto Z gives the device support wireless charging technology

On the website Indiegogo appeared a campaign to raise funds for the release of the new module for smartphones Moto Z. the Device is called Moto Ultimate Z Mod and is a very thin module that adds smartphone support wireless charging technology.

How it is implemented and looks like the module itself, you can see the video.

To begin, we note that this is a prototype, so the design is clearly flawed. The second caveat is that the use of such a module includes a connection cable between the module and the smartphone. The solution is not the most convenient, but this is done in order for the module was as thin as possible. In the end it is virtually indistinguishable from the original modules in the form of interchangeable panels that have no functionality are not responsible.

Moreover, the developer offers version of your module with IR transmitter that allows you to control household appliances. You also need to say that this project is a participant Mod Motorola the Smartphone Challenge.

Campaign Creator module asks $ 35 for the regular version and $ 45 for the version with the IR Blaster. In both cases, the buyer is free to choose the color and material. Deliveries should begin in November. By the way, the campaign is launched to collect only $ 5,000 of which has already gathered a half.



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