Module Physical Keyboard Mod will turn the smartphone Moto Z in «side-slider»

Another interesting module that you are trying to raise funds on the site Indiegogo, is a Physical Keyboard Mod.

As you might guess from the title, the module includes physical keyboard. When connecting the module to a smartphone, the latter turns into a slider, such models Motorola Milestone (aka Motorola Droid), 2010.

Smartphones with Android and a mechanical keyboard on the market is extremely small, and modern devices of this form factor is not at all.

It is possible to note a promise to release three versions in different colors, optional only for the campaign on Indiegogo, as well as the ability to change the angle of the panel with the keyboard to the smartphone.

Supporting the campaign, you can get the device for $ 60. Of course, this is true in case of success. Currently collected just over $ 16,000 when requested 100 000. If the commands still work, then the promise to begin delivery in June.



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