Module Moto Smart Speaker for smartphones Moto Z is equipped with a pair of stereo speakers and supports Amazon Alexa

A few days ago we wrote about the new modules for smartphones Moto Z. One of them was a smart speaker with a voice assistant, Alexa.

He first appeared on the manufacturer’s website at a price of $ 150. It is quite expensive, given that the family home as Echo is the more affordable products.

The new product is called Moto Smart Speaker offers a pair of 27-mm emitters with a power of 8 watts with the volume level to 82 dB. The module has four MICS, «the better to hear you», and a battery capacity of 1530 mAh, which is enough for 15 hours of work.

The module sizes are of 152.4 x 73,7 x 22,9 mm weight 167 g. That is to wear this module is permanently connected to the smartphone will clearly not comfortable.



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