Module Moto Mods will be supported by three generations of the smartphone Moto Z

Head of sales Asia Pacific of Lenovo William Tsai (William Tsai) said during recent interviews that plug-ins for smartphones Moto Z in constant demand.

Recall that among the modules Moto Mods are speakers, projectors, radios, keyboards, lights, and so on. They connect magnetically, while you don’t even need to restart the phone.

According to William Cai, on average, every sold smartphone Moto Z has about 1.5 accessories. At the moment, the manufacturer plans to develop this ecosystem, releasing three to five Moto Mods every quarter.

In addition, it was announced that three next-generation smartphone Moto Z will be fully compatible with the already released accessories.

Finally, Lenovo actively seeking to create third-party modules.



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