Module InVisage Spark4K Micro-LiDAR (SML20) will allow Autonomous drones to better navigate in flight

The specialists of the company InVisage Technologies created module Spark Micro-LiDAR (SML20), which has a laser and a receiver with a resolution of 13 MP, working in the near infrared region (940 nm). According to the developers, a module designed for navigation systems, Autonomous drones, works reliably within a radius of 20 m even in bright sunlight, allowing the apparatus to evaluate the distance to objects when moving at high speed. The dimensions of the module is only 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 mm.

Conventional lidars have large size and weight, and are many. More compact ultrasonic locators, working on smaller distances, a stereoscopic camera have high processor requirements, besides their capabilities determined by the distance between the cameras, which also imposes certain restrictions. Module SML20 free of the above disadvantages. In addition to the small size and weight, it can be noted a small power consumption, which averages 200-500 mW.

Modules SML20 is already available for order. In the future, the manufacturer promises to release similar units with a range of 100 m and more.

Source: InVisage Technologies


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