Module Edge Force for smartphone Z Moto is equipped with an adjustable led light and its own battery

On the Indiegogo platform quite successfully is the collection of funds for a new module for smartphones Moto Z. It’s called the Edge.

The main feature of this module is the presence of led backlighting around the perimeter of the housing. It is designed to alert you to various events, and proprietary software allows you to choose your own color for each of them. In addition to flowers, you can configure the algorithms and their changes. How it works, it is possible to estimate from the video.

But the backlight is not the only function of the module. In fact, the Creator of the module offers two versions of its device. One is called the Edge Force, and contains an additional battery capacity of 2000 mA·h the Second named Edge of the Air, and it features the support for wireless charging technology.

For the module as part of a campaign asking 55 or $ 59. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in July. But this will happen if the fundraising is successful. At the moment the project has collected $ 6000 in the required 15 000, but in stock for another month.



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