Module Casio watches Connected Engine supports three channels of synchronization with the precise time signals

The company Casio Computer has introduced a clock module Connected Engine that can synchronize readings with the precise time signals. Feature of the new module is support for three different channels synchronization is implemented, according to the manufacturer, for the first time in the world.

First, the module is receiving appropriate radio signals.

Second, it can use the signal time calibration by GPS.

The third synchronization indications when connected to the smartphone.

In addition, the module has an inbuilt system of charging, which is enough to light fluorescent lights. The GPS receiver module Connected Engine consumes four times less energy than «conventional GPS». It is possible to reduce the size of the battery. In addition, the developers managed to reduce the GPS antenna while increasing sensitivity. The module controls the dual core processor. Module design includes six actuators, and plate shielding a magnetic field. The thickness of the module is equal to 90% of the thickness of its predecessors.

The module will be used in the new Casio watches, including models of families of G-Shock and Oceanus.

Source: Casio



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