Modification of the BIOS allows you to use all 1024 stream processors GPU 3D-card AMD Radeon RX 460

In the review the AMD Radeon RX 460, we noted that it uses a stripped-down version of the GPU Polaris 11 – with two disabled computational units (CU). At that time it was not clear whether it is possible to force to work all CU video card somehow, but now the answer to this question is obtained: unlock two compute units is possible, and to do so is quite simple – you need to replace the stock BIOS with modified.

While the source provides the modified BIOS is only for two models of graphics cards Asus STRIX 04G RX 460 and Sapphire RX 460 NITRO 4G. But over time, the promised «unlocked» BIOS for other models of graphics card, if it does not affect the stability of their work.

In the result of program modifications, the user receives the AMD Radeon RX 460 GPU with full Polaris 11 (Baffin) 16 compute units, 64 texture units and 1,024 stream processors, although all versions of this graphics card by default have 14 compute units, 56 texture units and 896 stream processors. How this affects the capabilities of the graphics card? According to the source, the performance increases by up to 10% – depending on the application. However, given the fact that AMD Radeon RX 460 – graphics card cheap, most users will be happy with this increase.

Source: Overclocking.Guide



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