Modem Intel XMM 7560 supports 5G network

Not only does Qualcomm modems next generation, which will significantly increase the speed of mobile connection. Intel announced the release of the XMM modem, 7560, who became its first modem that supports LTE Advanced Pro. The manufacturer calls 7560 Intel XMM modem 5G, comparing the transition to 5G networks with the transition from analog display to digital data.

The modem is designed to work in tandem with the second new Intel — chip RF transceiver RFIC 5G, designed for a range of Sub-6 (3.3 To 4.2 GHz) and mmWave (28 GHz). You can also use the Intel XMM modem, 7560, together with the LTE modem Intel XMM 7360, to automatically switch to the 4G connection if the 5G network is not available. The new platform supports the configuration of MIMO 2×2 and 4×4. Study samples 5G RFIC will appear in the current semester, XMM 7560 — next.

Source: Intel



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