Mobileye can start making money long before the roads will be a fully self-driving cars

The company Mobileye, which develops vision systems and software for self-driving cars will be able to start making money long before the roads will be the production of a fully self-driving cars. This source said the head of the company, which is known

We will remind, the Israeli company Mobileye over 15.3 billion dollars buys Intel.

The emergence of fully self-driving cars on roads is expected in 2021. However, this year, Mobileye expects to sign with the automakers ‘ contracts for the supply of maps of high resolution. These cards required the manufacturers of the cars involved in the race in the market of semi-Autonomous vehicles. In Mobileye sure that their technology has the advantage over other developments in this area, which rely on data collected by specially equipped vehicles. In the case of Mobileye, the map is generated and constantly updated by the equipment, the staffing included in the driver assistance system.

Nissan, Volkswagen and BMW have already agreed on joint use of data collected by machines, driver assistance systems which include cameras Mobileye. With four brands Mobileye talks.

Source: Reuters


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