Mobile speaker Mini Ellipse has four emitter

On the website Kickstarter completed the fundraising for the production of the device, shown in the illustrations. This mobile speaker system Mini Ellipse in which, according to its creators, managed to combine high sound quality and compact size.

In the housing with dimensions 208 x 101 x 72 mm are placed in two class-D amplifier with a total power of 100 W and four emitter: two broadband and two high frequency. For connection with the source, you can use a wireless interface Bluetooth 4.0 or a wired connection. In the latter case, the activated analog input connector TRS 3.5 mm.

Claimed frequency response is equal 100-20000 Hz. Column weighs 850 g Without recharging the battery capacity of 3600 mA * h she can work up to 15 hours at 50 volume%.

Hoping to collect on the launch of the Mini Ellipse of at least $15 000, the authors of the project have already collected more than $58 000. One instance as they are valued at $99. Before the end of the campaign remains three days, and the shipment of finished products should begin as early as February.

Source: Kickstarter


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