Mobile PC Samsung Chromebook Pro can to support Wake on Voice

In the source code the Chromium found indicate that the new chromebooks can in the future to obtain some interesting functions.

In particular, one can get already Samsung Chromebook Pro. Talking about Wake on Voice, which will allow you to display mobile device from the sleep state through voice commands. An indication of the existence of this feature found in the Assembly of the novelty of the Korean giant, although it does not mean that the function necessarily will be present in krombeke.

The second function — until only a suggestion of one of the sources. According to our colleagues, adding Wake on Voice is unlikely to be implemented by itself. Given the fact that chromebooks have long understood the command Ok Google, realize the awakening you through it. But Wake on Voice function new. The source suggests that voice to Wake the device, it will be convenient if chromebooks support the assistant. Given that Chrome OS is now much closer to Android, the appearance on the platform of the new voice assistant, Google’s only a matter of time.

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