Mixed reality headset Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset will be more expensive than many competitors

At the IFA exhibition in 2017, some companies have submitted their mixed reality headset, designed to work with Windows 10. Recall, is an initiative of Microsoft, which gives your OS appropriate functions.

But the initiative suggests that these sets will cost between $ 300 and some manufacturers have introduced such devices. But Asus decided to occupy the niche of more expensive models.

It headset Windows Mixed Reality Headset (HC102) in Europe will cost 450 euros. It is unclear what Asus product differs greatly from competitors. Headset got two display diagonal of 2.89 inches each with a total resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. Frame frequency is 90 Hz and the angle is 95 degrees. Like other similar devices, the novelty is equipped with a pair of cameras. That is, the settings exactly the same as the other set, presented for the last time.

Weight news Asus — less than 400 g. Perhaps this is its advantage, but it is difficult to say because other manufacturers this parameter is not specified. You can also select anti-bacterial coating.

IFA 2017


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