MIT scientists have created a technology that allows printed on 3D-printer objects change shape and color

Researchers at mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MIT) have created a technology that allows you to change the characteristics of the object after it’s been printed on a 3D printer.

«The idea is that you can print some material, and then using the light to transform it into something else, for example, change its color or completely change the shape,» says assistant Professor Jeremiah Johnson (Jeremiah Johnson).

The technology is called «living polymerization», with its help, scientists were able to create materials whose growth can be suspended, and eventually resume it. Upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation inside the material produces a chemical reaction that causes the release of free radicals. These free radicals combine with other monomers, increasing the size of the object. However, the initial reaction was uncontrollable and caused damage.

The new technology uses polymers with chemical groups that operate on the principle of the accordion. When exposed to light the material starts to stretch and just make a new form. Thus it was possible to create a material that can significantly increase or decrease during heating and cooling respectively. Scientists also can mix different items using only ultraviolet light.


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