Mission to Mars. Elon Musk has talked about how SpaceX plans to colonize the Red planet

As we reported yesterday, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has performed at the International Astronautical Congress (International Astronautical Congress), telling the public how SpaceX plans to colonize Mars. He also talked about the use of rockets for high-speed flights on the planet.

Despite the fact that many online have criticized musk’s ideas, saying that his stories can only believe that the Humanities, we believe it is our duty to bring to your attention information, and only you decide what to do with it.

We will remind, in the spring of SpaceX has announced its intention to send a space ship to Mars in 2018, then the company boasted capabilities of its carrier rocket, the Falcon Heavy. And was recently made a test run of the engine is Raptor. During yesterday’s speech it became known that each ship will include 9 of these engines, and the rocket carrier they will be as much as 42.

According to the updated plan at the end of 2018 will begin testing vehicle, which will be completed in 2020. And the first flight to Mars is scheduled for 2022. The ship will include 100 people, as well as cargo and provisions, however, Musk said that over time, ships can carry up to 200 people. On establishing a colony on the red planet, the Mask should go from 40 to 100 years, during which will be carried out about 10 000 flights.

A reusable spacecraft to deliver people and necessary equipment and supplies to Mars and back, if necessary, bringing back the colonists or just space tourists who wanted to see the new human civilization on another planet.

The first ship will be 49.5 m, and its diameter is equal to 17 m. the Total length of the device Interplanetary Transport System (ITS), which will include the spaceship and the carrier rocket, will be 122 m.

In the video we show that the ship appears to orbit the Earth, then the first step back to the starting place. There it is connected to the block fuel, which is placed in orbit to refuel the ship and further it is sent to Mars. We also see that the ship contains an expandable solar panels. Musk added that some details will change in the coming years, but in the video they tried to show all scheduled so close to reality as possible at this stage.

The evaluation Mask, the journey to Mars will take 30 to 80 days. Cost of shipping a ton of cargo to the Red planet will be about 140 thousand dollars



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