Mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-T20 estimated at 57 999 RUB.

Fujifilm Corporation in February 2017, will release a compact and lightweight Fujifilm X-T20 fitted with a sensor X-TransTM CMOS III APS-C format resolution of 24.3 MP and a processor X Processor Pro. The camera has advanced video shooting in 4K with popular the film simulation mode.

Recommended retail prices:

  • X-Body T20 — 57 999 RUB.

  • X-T20 16-50mm II Kit — 64 999 RUB.

  • X T20 18-55mm Kit — 77 999 RUB.

X-T20 inherited the case style from the popular models of the X-T10, but in the new camera on the mode dial the mode video. On the exposure compensation dial now have a position C to activate the exposure compensation up to ±5 degree, and the LCD display is a touchscreen and has a swivel for comfortable framing from almost any angle. X camera-T20 is also equipped with a lever to switch to fully automatic mode Advanced SR Auto where the camera chooses the best settings for the scene.

X-T20 offers the speed of continuous shooting at 5 frames per second with real-time preview, fast start-up time (0.4 s), the shutter lag (0.05 s) and the interval between frames (0.25 s). The camera X-T20 provides custom settings AF-C that allow you to select one of five preset profiles AF according to the movement of the object. The AF algorithm has been redesigned to improve accuracy, and the system is now much better tracks moving subjects in AF mode.

The captured video can be displayed on an external monitor via HDMI and to the audio input you can connect an external microphone.



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