Mionix Naos QG is a gaming mouse worth 130 euros, is equipped with sensors heart rate and GSR

The company Mionix has expanded the range of gaming mice the Naos QG model. Despite the fact that the ordinary consumer in the name of Mionix nothing says, this Swedish company produces enough high-end gaming peripherals.

Here the novelty is allocated at least an optical sensor PMW-3360 a resolution of 12,000 dpi. But it’s probably not the main feature of the device. The fact that the Naos QG is equipped with a heart rate sensor and even sensor, GSR (galvanic skin response).

The mouse has a distinct asymmetrical shape, so that it will fit only right-handed. For the processing of data corresponds to a microprocessor-Cortex-M3 32 MHz frequency. To store information about the five game profiles 128 KB of memory. The novelty has seven programmable buttons and a customizable led light.

As befits a professional tool, the Naos QG is a lot. A lot even by the standards of its segment, namely EUR 130.


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