Minimalist phone Light Phone for $150 can only make and receive calls

Two years ago on the Playground Kickstarter was successfully funded, minimalist mobile phone Light Phone which began to send those who supported the developers, in January this year.

Now Light Phone became available to pre-order the residents and visitors of the USA who can purchase the device at a price of $ 150. Phone shipments to begin in may of this year.

While working on the project, the developers thought that in the modern world we are too much attention to smartphones, literally plunging into them. Therefore, the main task was to decrease the amount of time that the user hold the phone.

Light Phone can only make and receive calls, it also tells the exact time. All. No messages, email, browser, apps in this device. For buttons you can pin shortcuts to nine different contacts.

The device is equipped with a single-chip system Qualcomm 8208, led display, Micro USB connector and a slot for Nano SIM cards. Light Phone can only work in 2G networks of 2 to 4 days in standby mode and from 45 to 90 minutes in the talk mode.

Light weight Phone which in size resembles a thick credit card, is 38.5 g.


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