Miniature time-of-flight camera SoftKinetic DepthSense 541 is designed for mobile platforms

Company SoftKinetic, about a year ago bought by company Sony announced the release of a product called DepthSense 541. Allegedly DepthSense 541 — the world’s smallest time-of-flight camera, created specifically for mobile platforms, including smartphones and wearable electronic devices. Recall time-of-flight camera allows to estimate the depth of the scene, measuring the distance to objects at the time of flight of particles of light.

According to analysts, the market for 3D cameras by 2021 will rise to 10.8 billion dollars, and, in large part due to the mobile segment. Applications of these named applications of virtual and augmented reality, games, indoor navigation, 3D scanning.

To the characteristics of the DS541 manufacturer considers sensor format 1/4 inch with a pixel size of 10 microns and microlenses to improve the resolution. Sensor supports HDR, so you can use it outdoors and working with objects, even at a minimum distance. The camera has a MIPI interface. The new lens design has reduced the size of the device.

Currently available study samples DS541. Serial production should begin in the third quarter of 2017.

Source: SoftKinetic


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