Miniature speaker system features ONEmicro unusual wireless interface

On the site KickStarter is a fundraiser for release device ONEmicro, which its creators call the world’s smallest audiophile speaker system with wireless connectivity. The most important difference ONEmicro from other wireless speakers is to use DECT technology, not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

As you know, the technology of packet communication with the frequency-temporal division of channels DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) cordless phones are used for communication between the base and the tube is in the range 1880-1900 MHz (Europe) or 1920-1930 MHz (US). According to the developers ONEmicro, it provides a better connection and higher quality sound compared to other wireless interfaces. According to the communication range DECT Bluetooth twice, emitting two times less power than Wi-Fi. Without recharging ONEmicro work up to 20 hours. Supports multi-channel configuration. To use DECT to the sound source is connected to a small transmitter.

Diameter AC equal to 62 mm, height — 52 mm. a Pair of speakers with a total power of 5 W and weighs 0.7 kg. the Declared frequency response — 85-19000 Hz. As 24-bit signal with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz.

Set of two speakers and the transmitter of the first participants of fundraising could be reserved for $118. Now this lot costs $128. Set by the authors of the project aim to raise $15,000 have already been achieved. The fundraiser will continue for another 24 days. The amazing thing is that the shipment is ready as the developers promise to start in October.

Source: KickStarter


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