Miniature flash with Godox remote control TT350S designed for mirrorless cameras Sony

The company’s product range has expanded Godox external flash TT350S. It is designed for mirrorless cameras Sony. Flash supports TTL and control via radio at 2.4 GHz. It can be used as a master and slave in combination with other flashes and Godox controllers. Flashes can be grouped (up to three groups), choosing to manage each group one of the 16 channels. The range of the radio channel is 30 m.

Flash head summerhits manually or automatically, the spanning angle corresponding to the camera lens 24-105 mm. the flash’s guide number of 36 (at ISO 100 and the position of the head 105 mm). In manual mode, available 22 power levels ranging from 1/128. The angle of the head can be changed. Rotation is not provided.

The advantages of flash include support high-speed sync (HSS), working with shutter speeds up to 1/8000 with, and small size — 140 x 62 x 38 mm. weight of the flash without batteries is 200 g. For power supply uses a pair of AA batteries. A set of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2500 mA∙h provides up to 210 responses. The recharge time between pulses is 0.1 and 2.2 s.

Flash is compatible with the Sony cameras a7R II, a7R, a58, a99, ICLE6000L, a77ll, RX10 and others. Price the manufacturer does not name. According to preliminary data, it will be about 85 euros, and deliveries will begin in January.

Source: Godox



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