Mini PC Acer Revo Base mini is equipped with Intel Core processors up to Core i7

Acer has expanded the range of desktop computers with Base model mini Revo. Compact dimensions — 140 x 140 x 53 mm) the product has good processing power, as it is equipped with Intel Core processors up to Core i7, and not «feeble», Intel Atom.

Alas, the Acer Revo Base mini does not use a discrete graphics card, although some other manufacturers of these mini-computers offer such models. The maximum amount of RAM the PC is 8 GB, the maximum amount of drive – 256 GB if SSD and 2 TB HDD. Adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Gigabit Ethernet are standard.

Among the interface connectors of the Base Acer Revo mini has four USB 3.1 (two ports on front and rear panels), HDMI and DisplayPort. Also has a slot for SD cards.

Acer Revo Base mini will go on sale in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the first quarter of next year. The cost is said to start at 430 euros.

Source: Acer



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