MicroVision begins shipment of study samples miniature laser display modules

The company MicroVision, specializing in miniature projection displays, has announced the start of deliveries of trial samples of miniature laser display modules. The manufacturer emphasizes that the shipment began in accordance with the previously outlined plan. The modules were announced in November, and start selling MicroVision expects the second quarter of 2017. The modules uses a proprietary laser scanner PicoP.

Module PSE-0403-101 dimensions 3.6 x 5.3 x 0.6 cm is the thinnest product of the kind available in the market. It is designed for integration in smartphones, portable media players, tablets, and other portable electronic devices. The short version of the PSE-0403-102 is more suited for wearable on the head of displays and other similar applications.

Unit laser scanner manufactured by MEMS technology, in modules PSE-0403-101 and PSE-0403-102 augmented by the control unit, which uses specialized integrated circuits and firmware. This separation provides greater flexibility for integration into electronic devices.

The manufacturer plans to release a further two modules. One of them will be designed for interactive projection displays with touch input, and the second can be used as the basis of lidar and medium-range missiles. Their study samples should appear in 2017.

Source: MicroVision


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