Microsoft Xbox One X will be able to output in 1440p resolution without interpolation

In early summer, Microsoft introduced Xbox One X is the most productive, according to the company, a video game console in the world. Indeed, if we talk about performance, the new product of Microsoft has the performance of 6 TFLOPS vs. 4.2 TFLOPS PlayStation 4 Pro.

This is to ensure that users had the opportunity to play modern games in 4K resolution. Of course, the handset supports Full HD resolution.

But on distributed monitors for a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels data was not. The point is that PS4 Pro in this mode displays picture in Full HD resolution and then interpolates it up to WQHD.

Now it became known that the Xbox One X this will not do and will be able to display on respective monitors, the picture in native resolution. It will be interestingly enough a small part of the potential audience, as is typical for WQHD monitors but not for TVs.



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