Microsoft will support Windows 10 Mobile another year and a half, and then bring to the market a brand new versatile operating system

For anybody not a secret that Windows 10 Mobile, in fact, «dead», if we talk about the consumer segment. Microsoft is not going to release any new smartphones or particularly to develop the OS.

But this does not mean that the software giant ceased to concoct plans to capture the mobile segment. We have already heard rumors that Microsoft may in the future issue a single operating system for all platforms. However, it is quite logical that for such OS the future.

New data suggests that the company is already working on such a system. While it’s called the Andromeda OS. That’s interesting, because Google, as we know, also has in development certain operating system with the same working title.

Of course, existing on the market of mobile devices with Windows 10 Mobile update to Andromeda not receive, as it will be a completely new OS. Their Microsoft intends to support about one and a half years. More precisely, as the company intends to maintain its mobile OS. In this regard, the company abandoned the development of two major updates that were supposed to go for Windows 10 Mobile in the future. Among other things, this means problems for corporate clients Microsoft, who have decided to bet on this asset.



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