Microsoft will reveal details about the Xbox Scorpio at E3 2017 11 Jun

The current generation of «big console» is unique in that it will (partly already received) update without changing generation. So, Sony has released PS4 Pro, and Microsoft is yet to release the Xbox Scorpio.

Some details we were told about it last summer. Microsoft promises the performance of 6 TFLOPS total of 1.32 TFLOPS vs the Xbox One. That is, if the PS4 (1,8 TFLOPS) was the performance of the Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio in turn will be more productive PS4 Pro (4,2 TFLOPS).

However, the release of the updated consoles Microsoft is scheduled only for the Christmas season this year, while PS4 Pro for sale for three months. But no news about the Xbox Scorpio all this time we are not going to sit.

Microsoft said during E3 2017, which will be held in June, the company will hold a special event, whose main character will be an updated console. So we can expect new details and demonstrations of games running on this console.



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