Microsoft threatened with sanctions for violating the law on privacy in Windows 10

Microsoft went abroad protected by the law, introducing Windows 10 the mechanisms of surveillance of the user. Now regulators require the software giant to fix the situation, and openly report on data collection. Otherwise, Microsoft may be sanctioned.

Earlier this year, Microsoft already began to specify what data it receives by the users of Windows 10. However, according to Dutch Agency Autoriteir Persoonsgegevens (AP), supervising the observance of the law on protection of personal data, this is not enough. Since the company has not said how it will use these data, users are not able to reasonably decide to agree to use or not.

In short, the regulator is sure that the OS is a violation of the law. OS collects a lot of data, not reports about their use and does not provide the full grounds for the decision on the consent to use.

Based on the results of earlier investigations, including the French on that same AP, the controller requires that the developer made the data collection more transparent and predictable. Now this part of the work OS described in too General a manner, not giving a legitimate reason for obtaining and processing data.

Microsoft disagreed with the claims of AP. In turn, the regulator warned that if the company does not cease to violate the law, it will apply sanctions. In response, Microsoft has expressed willingness to cooperate with the AP, even if you disagree with the Agency’s findings. Changes on the part of the collection of personal data the company promised to make in the nearest update of the OS, which will be available next week (we are talking about the version Creators Fall Update).



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