Microsoft talked about the Game mode Mode in Windows 10 already possible to try out

Gaming mode in Windows 10, which we first heard a month ago, actually appear in update Creators Update that will be released in the spring.

But to try it right now by downloading the pre-build Build 15019. In connection with the formal announcement of the feature, Microsoft has posted a video revealing some details about the mode.

Mode Game Mode really allows a little to redistribute the resources of the CPU and GPU, giving most of them to the data processing of the game. This should slightly increase as the average framerate and the minimum.

In General, any game can benefit from activate, but it will depend on optimization. That is, with time, the practice Game Mode should be more productive. It is also reported that the platform game Universal Windows Platform will get the most effect from the inclusion of game modes. In addition, the games that have passed rigorous testing, will work with active mode the default Game Mode.

You can activate it in the settings of the OS, and during the game, causing the game menu to Windows 10 by pressing G.



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