Microsoft Surface Laptop — laptop with custom screen, Alcantara, good battery life, and Windows 10 S

Microsoft today unveiled not only Windows 10’s, but the notebook Surface Laptop running this system. Microsoft itself has promised laptops to partner with Windows 10’s for the price of $ 190. But if someone thought that the Surface Laptop costs about the same, far from it.

Surface Laptop is estimated at $ 1,000 which is unlikely to attract a large number of buyers. Rather, it is created with the same purpose as the Google Chromebook Pixel at the time: to show that a laptop with a simplified OS may be expensive and interesting. However, in contrast to the same Chromebook Pixel operating system Surface Laptop can be upgraded to full Windows 10 Pro, so the potential number of buyers of this PC still wider.

Surface Laptop will go on sale June 15. It is equipped with a PixelSense screen diagonal of 13.5 in the ratio of 3:2 and unknown resolution. Display covers Gorilla glass 3, touch-panel, according to the company, the thinnest in the segment.

It is based on Intel Core i5 and Core i7 models is unknown. RAM can be from 4 to 16 GB. For data storage SSD capacity from 128 to 512 GB. We should also mention the graphics subsystem. No discrete 3D maps the novelty is not received, but the fact is that Core i5 processors that will be used in Surface Laptop, have GPU HD Graphics 620. That is the usual mobile CPU Kaby Lake. But Core i7 processors, according to Microsoft, Plus have GPU Iris Graphics 640, which is found only in a few models Kaby Lake.

Microsoft promises autonomy at the level of 14.5 hours. If you remember the Surface Book, which showed a record-breaking battery life, Microsoft promises easy to believe. The thickness of the laptop is 9.9-for 14.47 mm, and it weighs 1.25 kg. Set of ports, the new model is very scarce: USB, Mini DisplayPort and an SD card slot. Interestingly, the laptop inside is covered in Alcantara.

The laptop will be available in four color options, which can be seen in the images. However, Microsoft stated that these colors will be available for only one of the four versions, while others will do only the platinum color.



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