«Microsoft Surface Laptop is not a notebook, and is filled with glue monster» — say the specialists of iFixit

Last month, Microsoft introduced an unusual notebook Surface Laptop. It is estimated at $ 1,000, offers a screen resolution 2256 x 1504 pixel and good battery life.

The specialists of iFixit decided to disassemble the new product and to evaluate its maintainability.

The process was captured on video.

As you can see, the device has an obvious problem with the disassembly.

The system Board houses the Intel Core i7-7660U, the RAM chips SK Hynix H9CCNNNBJTAL chip flash memory SSD Toshiba THNSND256GTYA adapter wireless interfaces Marvell Avastar 88W8897, the microprocessor Freescale/NXP M22J9VDC Kinetis K22F and so on.

In the end, the laptop has not earned a single point! This is probably the first mobile device with this assessment. Prior to that, the zero set only the Apple Smart Keyboard, but there it was about the accessory.

The specialists of iFixit claim that Microsoft Surface Laptop is not a laptop. According to their hypothesis, this spitting is filled with glue monster.

Microsoft Surface Laptop are generally not designed for repair, as it cannot be disassembled without damaging something. Most likely, during the warranty Microsoft will always be easy to change such devices on new. In addition, the CPU, RAM and storage are soldered on the motherboard, that is, they cannot be replaced. Even the headphone Jack that can be replaced due to the fact that it is a separate module, it is extremely difficult to dismantle, because before this you have to remove the radiator, fan, display, and system Board. Even the battery is replaced, most likely, never come due to the abundance of glue. In the end, if this laptop breaks after the warranty period, it easier to throw.



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