Microsoft revealed a VR headset production Acer, which will cost about $ 300

Last autumn it became known that Microsoft intends to contribute to the emergence of inexpensive VR headsets that will work with Windows 10. Among other things, released recently major update of the OS there are many features related to VR.

Later, it became known that the minimum system requirements to work with such headsets is very humane. Last month, Microsoft said it will begin to ship the appropriate device developers by the end of the month.

And now, the Network appeared information about one of the first set of the Acer production, which will cost just about $ 300.

On the device is two cameras. They are needed in order to track movement of the user’s head without the use of external sensors, like Oculus and Vive. Perhaps, in this way accuracy, but such headsets are positioned not as a game.

As in the case of HoloLens, such a headset will give the user the opportunity to use the same applications that are available in Windows 10. Talking about store apps operating system. However, while it is not clear why such a regular headset users to date. Apparently, the main script while viewing video and photos. Of course, sometime in the future Microsoft could create an operating system to work in virtual reality, but now scenarios of use of such headsets not so much.

Consumer devices should appear on the market until the end of the year.

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