Microsoft is working on a brand new cross-platform Skype client

Microsoft has decided to seriously take up one of their most popular, but very controversial products — the Skype service. Many blamed for the excessive congestion and problems of the mobile version.

As it became known, Microsoft has closed the office in London, which is engaged in the development of Skype. Consequently 220 people were left without work. About 300 employees were reduced directly in Redmond. The company explains these reductions by optimization of the state.

But the resource ArsTechnica, citing close to Microsoft sources, says that the company decided to seriously reconsider the Skype service itself. At the moment this has a great variety of different clients, with each other, by and large, not so much in common. What to say if you have a desktop version for Windows is, as usual, and version Universal.

And supposedly Microsoft decided to develop a completely new a single client codenamed Skype for Life. It will work on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. Due to the fact that all the work was focused on creating a new client, and was closed the London office and laid off more than 500 people, as the current version of Skype is simply no longer grow, and soon disappear altogether.



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