Microsoft is developing a programming language for quantum computers

When, in 1976, was one of the first personal computers Altair 8800, Microsoft released him a BASIC programming language interpreter. At a time when the industry is on the verge of a possible revolution in computers associated with quantum computing, the developer of Windows wants to keep up with time and is already preparing a new programming language.

This language is not yet even have a name. Foundation to provide long-term studies Michael Friedman (Michael Freedman), dedicated to hardware and software aspect of a «topological quantum computer».

It is expected that the introduction of quantum computing will dramatically improve the applications of artificial intelligence, for example, repeatedly will speed up the training of the personal assistant Cortana, and will open the ways of solving problems previously considered unsolvable. New programming language will allow you to effectively translate the algorithms based on the use of appropriate hardware resources.

Note that Microsoft is working not only on a programming language, but also on the hardware of the computer.



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