Microsoft introduced its own cloud-based automotive platform Connected Vehicle Platform

Last year, among other things, was distinguished by the fact that many market players IT was decided to try himself in the automotive segment. This trend continued in 2017.

So, Microsoft introduced a platform Connected Vehicle Platform, which is a set of services based on the Azure cloud platform. Microsoft notes that its platform is not OS car or some single finished product. The company says about «living and moving» platform, which starts with the cloud service as the basis and aimed at five major objectives, to identify which developers have helped customers of the company.

Among these scenarios are predictive maintenance, improvement of performance cars, advanced navigation, understanding of clients ‘ requirements, and assistance in creating self-driving car. Simply put, the Connected Vehicle Platform — cloud platform for connected cars. The advantage of the solution of Microsoft is to features developed on the Azure platform that allows companies to talk about more than 200 different services that are available to automakers.

First Microsoft will adopt the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which, incidentally, includes Lada.



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