Microsoft in 2014 prepared frameless smartphone Lumia 435

Yesterday we reported that Joe Belfiore (Joe Belfiore), the former head of Windows Phone program and the current corporate Vice President of Windows confirmed the fact that Microsoft gave up on Windows 10 Mobile, though we already know.

As it became known, in 2014 the company was going to release unusual smartphone, which was released under the name Lumia 435, but in the end was repealed and under this name came out a different camera.

And the singularity developed then the device was its design.

As you can see, we have quite usual at the current trends the smartphone with a small part of the screen. Even the camera is placed on the lower part, as it was in some other models.

Recall that in 2014, only model released Sharp Aquos Crystal with a similar design, although Microsoft probably should compare Aquos Phone Xx 302SH, which frame is thicker than the Aquos Crystal. Whatever it was, Microsoft could be the second after Sharp, together with Japanese giant ahead of the market for a few years, but for some reason changed his mind. I should add that the Lumia 435 would cost less than $ 200, which would increase its attractiveness to buyers.

A prototype of the Lumia model running Windows Phone 8.1. He had a five-inch HD screen, Snapdragon 200 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB flash memory, battery capacity of 1800 mA•h and megapixel camera. The equal size of 126.7 x 67,8 x 9,25 mm.

Of course, assume that the output of such a device could save Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile would be stupid. But the emergence of such a version of the Lumia 435, given that the Sharp version was very poorly distributed in the market, could significantly affect the segment and edge-to-edge devices would become the norm a couple of years ago.



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