Microsoft has released an alpha version Skype Mingo

Microsoft released the Skype app Mingo intended for Android OS. At the moment is in alpha version with all the consequences.

Skype Mingo — it’s such a enhanced version of the familiar mobile Skype. The original functionality is preserved, but the new software also acts as a «dialer», that is, the application to dial and control your phone’s contacts. In addition, Skype can replace Mingo and application to send SMS.

It is unclear what will the development version of Mingo. Pointless in the end to keep on the market two applications, one of which copies the functionality of another, but adds to them additional. We can assume that Mingo is a platform for testing ideas that are then fully or partially be transferred to the regular version of Skype. Also do not forget that quite a long time on the Network are rumors about the development of a unified version of Skype for all platforms.



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