Microsoft has registered a trademark Direct Physics

As you know, in October 2015, the company Microsoft bought the company Havok, at that time owned by Intel. Company name Havok, founded in 1998, is well known thanks to the same physical engine, which is widely used in games and computer graphics for movies.

Then the buyer called Havok «fantastic addition» to the tools and other components of the Microsoft platform to developers, including DirectX and Visual Studio. This could be interpreted as a hint at the integration of future capabilities Havok and DirectX.

It seems that this integration is coming. The fact that Microsoft has trademarked Direct Physics. By assumption, the source is the name chosen for the API, which will be part of DirectX 12, providing access to the capabilities of the physics engine. An appropriate announcement may be made during the event E3 2017, devoted to computer games.

Source: WCCFtech



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