Microsoft has reduced the size of updates to Windows 10 by 35%

This spring, Microsoft will release a major update for Windows 10 called Creators Update that will bring with it new Paint, a game mode, a bookstore, a mode «picture in picture» and much more.

In the official Windows blog was published information about another new feature, which is waiting for all users after the release of Windows 10 Update Creators. We are talking about the reduction in the average size of updates for the operating system by approximately 35%.

In simple terms, the operating system determines which parts are subject to updates and downloads only what is required. Sounds simple, however, as the developers realise it was quite problematic, given large pieces of code inherited from previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft adds that a major update that will come out twice a year, you need to download in full. All other updates will be significantly smaller than it was before.



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