Microsoft has patented a smartphone with a curved display

Over four years there are rumors about the smartphone Surface Phone working on Microsoft. The newly registered company a patent may indicate an innovative form of this device. However, as with many other patents, this idea can remain unfulfilled.

The patent describes a smartphone with a foldable display that can fold in half, as well as models consisting of three parts connected by hinges. The display is solid and can bend in both directions.

Similar patents from other manufacturers we have seen before. In November, Apple filed in the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) documents describing similar mobile device. Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus with curved displays, according to rumors, already tested in China, however, the actual products on the market is still there.

Previously, Microsoft said that the company is not going to abandon development of the smartphone market, and also promised to offer users something unique. Surface Phone in this form factor with an adequate price could be a very interesting proposal.



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