Microsoft has acknowledged the problem in the gaming mode in Windows 10 but have not yet found all the reasons

One of the innovations of Creators Windows 10 Update — game mode. His point is that when you start the game the system tries to allocate as many resources, which should provide a small performance boost.

Most important, it was probably for budget PCs that do not have excess performance.

However, after the update started to appear for users who have noticed problems when working this mode. In particular, the number of frames per second is not increased, but on the contrary, fell. This is manifested not always and not everywhere, but in fact took place.

And only now, six months after the release of the update, Microsoft has officially acknowledged the problem. The company claims that it has identified «several possible sources» of the problem and supposedly already fixed one of them. However, this hotfix is accessible only in the Assembly of Windows Insider. When Microsoft will solve this problem completely, is still unknown.



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