Microsoft earns for each sold Xbox One’s for $76

A week ago in sale updated Xbox One S, which was much smaller and lighter than the original model, but also lost the external power supply.

Specialists research firm IHS, Markit took apart the Xbox One S and estimated the cost of components and manufacturing a new console. Evaluation of the IHS, Markit, Microsoft makes on each console sold for about $ 76, given that sold the console for $ 400, and its cost is about 324 dollars. We are talking about a version with a hard drive capacity of 2 TB.

Used in Xbox One’s AMD processor, which is manufactured using 16-nanometer technological process, at a price of 99 dollars is the most expensive that is in the console.

With this cost Microsoft has the opportunity to safely reduce the price of the Xbox One’s $ 50 before the release of a new console Project Scorpio.



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