Microsoft doesn’t want AMD released a driver with support for CPU Ryzen for Windows 7

A week ago, we were told that all AMD processors in the performance of the AM4 will support Windows 7, that will be another advantage over the new Intel.

Rather, it would, as it turned out that official support for new processors in Windows 7 will not. Only here the fault is not AMD. According to the source, the representative of the company assured that they are honest and worked above the appropriate drivers, but Microsoft in the end, insisted on getting official drivers with support for CPU Ryzen for Windows 7 did not come out. We have full-fledged support of the new processors will only be for Windows 10.

Microsoft explains that the old OS versions simply do not support certain features of the new processors, and the company strives for the best optimization.

Of course, this does not mean that the processors Ryzen cannot be used in conjunction with Windows 7. For example, the CPU Kaby Lake quite work in the old system, although are some limitations. But the full official support wait still not worth it.



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