Microsoft does not exclude that the current generation of home consoles could be the last

Microsoft is one of the three major players in the market of home consoles. Compare with competitors sales company, we are not going to, because it is about something else.

According to the source, Microsoft suggests that the current generation of consoles may be the last. To be precise, Aaron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg), head of Xbox, on the question of whether the Project s latest generation of home consoles, at first hesitated, and then replied that Microsoft quite see a future without new generations of consoles.

Of course, such a response about anything not specifically said, but gives reason to assume that Microsoft does not yet have clear plans on whether to create a new console. In principle, analysts have repeatedly expressed the opinion that the console will soon disappear as the cycle of life generation by industry standards too high. It can be clearly seen right now, when Sony and Microsoft announced the updated generation of consoles, which was previously on this scale has not happened.



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