Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 on a device that has a SoC Snapdragon 820

During the event WinHEC Qualcomm and Microsoft announced cooperation, will result in the operating system Windows 10 on devices equipped with a single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Company representatives said that this feature will be available to users next year, but now Qualcomm and Microsoft showed the best Windows 10 device, equipped with SoC Snapdragon 820. Recall that this SOC was one of the most popular this year the manufacturers flagship smartphones. In addition, the test system had 4GB of RAM.

In the video we demonstrate the fast startup and operation of Adobe Photoshop, games World of Tank Blitz and Office.

The developers claim that this innovation can seriously change the attitude to their mobile devices of users who will immediately find a lot of new scenarios for their use.

We can assume that this is another hint at the imminent announcement of the smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone, which should also use the flagship SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon.



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