Microsoft confirmed the impending demise of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone

Belfiore Joe (Joe Belfiore), the former head of Windows Phone program and the current corporate Vice President of Windows on his page on Twitter said that Microsoft has made every effort to increase the popularity of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone, but all was in vain.

«We tried very hard to increase the number of applications that we created them ourselves, paying other developers, but the user base was very small to attract the attention of other companies».

He also confirmed that Microsoft will continue to support the platform, but do not expect something radically new: «of Course, we will continue to support the platform. You will get bug fixes and security updates. But we are no longer focused on developing and adding new features».

Joe Belfiore added that in his daily work he uses a smartphones running iOS and Android.

According to rumors, Microsoft is working on a new mobile device under the code name Andromeda, which will be released next year. It will get new platform Windows Core OS.



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