Microsoft claims that frustrated MacBook Pro users switching to the Surface Book

In November of this year, Microsoft announced that the Surface device demonstrated a record in terms of sales result for the time since the appearance of this brand on the market.

In a fresh letter to the Windows blog says that more and more users MacBook Pro recently moving to the Surface Book. In particular, this is due to the fact that users, especially professionals, disillusioned with the new MacBook Pro.

«Today, from a Mac to a Surface connecting more people than ever. Our trade-in program for owners of the MacBook was very successful. People both admire the innovations Surface and disappointed by the new MacBook Pro, especially for professionals. It makes more and more people begin to use Surface. I have the feeling that not a day goes by without the network is not a new review, which the author recommends to prefer the Surface instead of a MacBook. That means we’re doing a good job».

Recall, the new MacBook Pro for the first five days brought in 4 times more revenue than Microsoft Surface Book for the entire year.



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